We represent both buyers and sellers in all areas of real estate conveyancing and transactions.

Buyers generally are concerned over obtaining a mortgage to provide funds to make their purchase. They will also want to ensure that the home is owned by the person selling it, and that it is conveyed fully and clear of all encumbrances.

In representing a Buyer, we take all the same prudent steps a bank would in ensuring that everything necessary to complete the sale is done, including: checking title to the land, checking for old mortgages and other liens, checking the real estate tax status, water bills, oil bills, and every other problem that can arise. 

In representing Sellers, we are concerned that the Buyer be a bona fide buyer with the full ability to complete the purchase, that all documents needed for the Seller to convey good clear record marketable title be obtained and provided at closing, and also that good funds are received by the Sellers.

All title clearing services are also available and provided. Often, there are undischarged mortgages, missing assignments, incomplete Probates, estate tax liens and the like. We stand ready to clear any such problem.